EagleMUNC V is a three-day Model United Nations conference that takes place at the Westin Copley Place Hotel in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. We pride ourselves on being the most innovative conference on the Model United Nations circuit. We offer an immersive "40-hour simulation," ensuring that every delegate remains completely "in character" for the duration of the conference. We boast an unmatched delegate to staff ratio of 5:1 and we will be offering a wide range of committees, including a Wall Street Executive Board and Federal Open Market Committee both set in 2008 and a simulation of the Mexican-American War featuring a bilingual committee on the Mexican side. 

The conference theme is "The Interplay of Power and Ethics," exploring the well-known maxim, "all power corrupts". In a variety of settings and time-periods, the committees challenge delegates to wield their power not only for their own benefit, but for the good of the world around them. We look forward to providing innovative crises and simulations throughout the simulation. 


EagleMUNC Mission Statement  

EagleMUNC is committed to the advancement of a globally-conscious society through experiential education, a collaborative community, and forward thought.
Education: EagleMUNC believes in experiential learning rooted in the global reality and pledges first and foremost to promote diversity and opportunity in every aspect of the conference.
Community: EagleMUNC strives to foster a broad and collaborative community through which every educator and student takes part in meaningful and honest dialogue on the world and how to best understand it.
Innovation: EagleMUNC rests on a foundation of forward thought and strives to perpetually innovate to advance our mission.

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