Conference: March 16th - March 18th, 2018

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Letter from the Secretary-General

Dear EagleMUNC Delegates, Advisors, and friends,

I am incredibly excited and honored to welcome you to EagleMUNC for our sixth annual conference. Each year, we do our best to provide an immersive and innovative Model United Nations experience that simulates real world politics. Our 40hr Simulation will allow you to enter into a dialogue with the world our staff works tirelessly to shape. For these 40 hours of our conference, you will assume the roles of decision makers, historical leaders, and present politicians. In some cases, you may draft important pieces of legislature and resolutions, where in other cases you may alter the course of history during some of its most critical turning points. We seek to be the best execution of EagleMUNC yet, constantly growing and evolving off of our past five years of opportunities for improvement, to bring you a genuinely unique, preeminent conference.

            At EagleMUNC VI, we will be offering a diverse array of 17 specialized and crisis-driven committees. From a classical General Assembly experience, to an unconventional crisis committee, delegates will be challenged to pursue diplomacy and realistic solutions. Our average committee size for EagleMUNC VI is 30 delegates, with an unparalleled delegate-to-staff ratio of 5:1.

Every single one of our committees will be founded on EagleMUNC’s ground-breaking concept called the 40-hour simulation. From the first gaveling open of EagleMUNC VI to the final closing bang by the conference’s best delegates, there will be ample opportunity to be completely in character. The 40-hour simulation is best exemplified in the after-hours events and meetings – fundraising receptions for politicians, trials of countries facing global issues, joint-committee meetings on related subjects, or social events for diplomats. These are present to foster dialogue outside formal committee setting and more closely emulate the way politics takes place in the real world.

Though our committees are topically and geographically diverse, they are all bound by a single theme. This year’s conference theme is “Adaptation in the face of Adversity”. When presented with a true challenge, will states, politicians, and individuals choose to look back to their traditional roots? Will they choose a revolution in order to enact change? Or will they evolve even further into something that’s yet to be seen? These choices and paths are up to you. Delve into the Venezuelan National Assembly and learn the often-hidden truths about a modern state in crisis. Utilize realistic debate procedure as Justices in the International Court of Justice. Experience how two different groups of individuals and cultures faced their governments with the Sons of Liberty and 1950’s Chinese Land Reform committees. For novice delegates and those seeking a more traditional Model UN experience, we will be offering World Health Organization, OPEC, Disarmament and Security (DISEC), and UNICEF committees. Though classic in procedure, expect to tackle fascinating and multifaceted issues, like women’s health and inequality, oil trade in the Middle East, environmental safety, and bullying in schools. Whether you’re in one of our fast-paced crisis committees or writing resolutions in a General Assembly, delegates will have an immersive interaction with the new world EagleMUNC seeks to construct each year.

Boston itself is home to many fantastic experiences, and we know this is often a reason one might choose to attend EagleMUNC. The city is home to museums, landmarks, around 114 colleges and universities, and is the birthplace of the American Revolution. Boston is a historical icon that we hope provides chances for exploration and education – it is absolutely a resource we encourage you to take advantage of while at the conference.

EagleMUNC offers an unmatched Model UN experience and we strive to provide the best levels of customer service.  We take feedback seriously; responding to concerns and issues promptly is a tenet on which our whole organization is constructed, and each year we try to build off of feedback to improve. If you ever have any questions or issues before, during, or after our conference feel free to reach out to me at

The entire EagleMUNC team thanks you for choosing our conference. I assure you that every single one of our 100+ staffers will work diligently to make your experience at EagleMUNC memorable.  Welcome to EagleMUNC VI!


Anne-Marie Downey

Secretary General - EagleMUNC VI

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