Conference March 18th - March 20th, 2016

Letter from the Secretary-General

Dear EagleMUNC Delegates,

I am incredibly thrilled and honored to welcome you to EagleMUNC and to Boston College for our fourth annual conference. It is my hope that the very second that you walk into the committee room, you will be truly immersed in an experience that simulates the real world of international politics and decision-making. For 40 consecutive hours, you will be placed in the shoes of politicians, businessmen, and historical leaders to decide how you want to shape the world. This iteration of EagleMUNC promises to be the best yet, as we seek to build on the lessons, successes, and challenges of the past three years to bring you a conference unrivaled in quality and value.

At the upcoming conference, we will offer 17 unique and small crisis-driven committees that give delegates the chance to deeply explore a topic in an intimate setting. Our average committee size for EagleMUNC IV is 30 delegates, with an unparalleled delegate-to-staff ratio of 5:1, which allows a level of personal interaction during the conference that is unrivaled on the Model UN circuit.

Our committee offerings, seemingly wide-ranging and unique, all connect to this year’s conference theme of “Liberty & Security.” This theme encompasses unique committees such as a recreation of the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1948 and a full Central Intelligence Agency simulation, as well as a committee tracing the epic path of the Peloponnesian War. For both our novice delegates and students seeking a more classical Model UN experience, we will offer committees such as the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Each of these committees will be built on EagleMUNC’s unique notion of the 40-hour simulation, an experience that begins when the opening gavel bangs and ends only when the best delegations have the honor of slamming the gavel on Sunday morning. The heart and soul of the 40-hour simulation are the after-hours events and activities – fundraising receptions for politicians, strategy meetings for military commanders, or social events for diplomats – that encourage dialogue outside formal committee setting and more closely emulate the way politics takes place in the real world.

We know that the great opportunity to visit Boston in the spring is one of the reasons many delegations choose to attend EagleMUNC. Home to over 100 colleges and universities as well as the birthplace of the American Revolution, Boston is an historical icon of which we hope our visiting delegations take advantage during their stay here.

We also hope to see many delegations at our Thursday EagleMUNC programming on Boston College's campus where they will have the opportunity to meet with admissions counselors, tour campus, hear from faculty performing cutting-edge research on the very issues to be discussed in committee, and learn from experienced delegates on the best strategies and techniques to succeed in the EagleMUNC simulation.

EagleMUNC offers an unparalleled Model UN experience and we strive to provide a superior level of customer service.  We take feedback seriously and promptly; responding to concerns and issues is a tenet on which our whole organization is constructed. If you should have any questions, or if any issues should arise before, during, or after your time with us at EagleMUNC, please feel free to reach out to me at

I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones in March and please accept my best wishes for the first half of the academic year.

To conclude, the entire EagleMUNC team thanks you for choosing EagleMUNC. It is my commitment that each of our over 100 staffers will work tirelessly to make your experience at EagleMUNC unforgettable.  Welcome to EagleMUNC IV!

Yours in Diplomacy,

William Fitzsimmons
Secretary-General – EagleMUNC IV

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