Trading Liberty for Security

The Joint Committee on Un-American Activities 1950


This Joint Committee combines The House of Un-American Activities Committee with the Senate and transpires in the 1950s during the beginning of the Cold War. The fear of American communist spies and informants paralyzed the nation and created the anticommunist hysteria known as the "Red Scare." Delegates will discuss how to eliminate the threat of high-profile communists who are potentially infiltrating the United States' government, schools, and entertainment industry. The survival of democracy in the United States is at stake!




Tokugawa Shogunate in 1850


The year is 1850 and the Tokugawa Shogunate is facing issues from the outside world. These tumultuous times have ended Japanese isolation and created internal strife between the Emperor and the Shogunate. Delegates will need to resolve these domestic issues, while also establishing Japan's position in a world that has economically developed to a point where it has surpassed Japan. Japan is at a defining point in its history and delegates will have to decide how to protect Japan from internal division and foreign invasions, while constructing Japan's new global identity. The security of Japan as a sovereign nation is at stake from forces both domestic and abroad.


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