The People Adapting to their Government

The Sons of Liberty:

The Sons of Liberty committee will focus on Boston’s civil disobedience in the colonial era.  Beginning in 1765, the delegates will be tasked with taking on the roles of Boston’s most influential people.  Samuel Adams and co. will be forced with responding to crises levied by the British government such as taxes, quartering of soldiers, and other acts of British Parliament.  Delegates will be challenged throughout their 40 hours to use not only their knowledge of history in general, but the history of this great city they are staying in to their advantage in order to gain an upper hand against the British.


Chinese Land Reform - 1950:

As the Socialist Party in China took power, they passed a series of laws regarding Agrarian Land Reform that gave much of the farmland to peasants.  This committee will focus on the recreation of village life in China during the 1950’s.  Delegates will be challenged with local village interactions as well as constant government action in the rebirth of China’s political system, which is constantly muddled by factors such as religion, political party values, and family dynamic.



The 1930's Crime Syndicate:

The Syndicate, the brainchild of Johnny Torino and a police department's worst nightmare, began in 1929 in Atlantic City.  The mafia and the mobs were well represented with Capone, Luciano, Costello, and Siegel all in attendance.  The Syndicate allows mob bosses to communicate, and avoid law enforcement accordingly.  Delegates will be tasked with the upkeep of The Syndicate which consist of crimes such as racketeering, extortion, bribery, drug trafficking, illegal gambling, robbery, fraud, money laundering, fencing, and loan sharking.




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