Overseeing Adaptive Policies

The International Skating Union:

The International Skating Union administers figure skating and speedskating at the Winter Olympics, and governs the sports in between Olympic cycles. The ISU regulates the sports, a task which includes refining the International Judging System used in figure skating, and organizing international competitions for both sports. Through the ISU bodies including its Congress and Council, the organization incorporates feedback from athletes and officials to develop the worldwide presence of these sports, and adapt to the changing needs and expectations of the skating community. The ISU must develop solutions to issues pertaining to athlete health and development, managing organizational costs, and shaping the future of its sports.


United Nations Security Council:

The United Nations Security Council is an organization tasked with maintaining international peace and security. It contains fifteen member nations that recommend solutions to disputes, and implements them through peaceful or forceful means. The Security Council intervenes in situations which include military, political and social conflict, which jeopardize the stability and safety of countries. With disputes ranging from governmental corruption to human rights violations, the UNSC will develop comprehensive resolutions to restore and preserve world peace.



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