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The Venezuelan National Assembly:

The Venezuelan National Assembly is a legislative branch of the government, which is made up of members elected by state-based voting. The committee will begin in January 2016, thus reflecting the time before the current social, political, and cultural crisis reached its current peak. The delegates should expect to discuss issues such as the food shortage, free speech, and the conflict caused by the divide of those who support the current United Socialist Party, and those who do not. This committee will employ the parliamentary procedure of the assembly, giving the committee a unique approach to tradition Model United Nations debate.



OPEC is an organization, which works to regulate and monitor the petroleum policies of its member countries, of which there are 13. These nations work together to ensure a stable and economically efficient oil market for both the producers and those investing in the industry. This committee will require delegates to think about strategies to increase the economic prosperity of the organization as a whole as well as for their individual nations. Other topics may include the backlash on the petroleum industry for its role in climate change, and how terrorist groups in various member countries affect the industry.



UNICEF is a worldwide UN council, which works in 192 countries to directly impact the lives of children. The committee has existed for 70 years and is counseled by a rotating executive board of 36 members, who serve for three year, and who represent five regional groups of United Nation’s member states. This committee will work together to talk about pertinent modern issues that affect the world’s youth, such as education and bullying. Delegates will be expected to advocate for the youth of their own nation, as well as the betterment of the climate for children around the world.



The World Health Organization, WHO, is a specialized United Nations committee with the goal of "the attainment by all people of the highest possible level of health." In this general assembly delegates can expect to discuss relevant issues such as the rise of AMR (antimicrobial resistant) bacteria, environmental health, women's health and rights, and the role of NGO's as assistants in bettering global health. This committee will be an excellent experience for those seeking a more traditional or novice style of Model UN.




DISEC, or the Disarmament and International Security Committee, is a United Nations General Assembly Committee devoted to maintaining international peace and security and avoiding an excessive proliferation of nuclear and other arms. Soon after the United States used nuclear weapons against the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, DISEC convened to pass its first resolution: establishing a commission to discuss ways to control nuclear and atomic energy. Since then, its responsibilities have grown to include handling increased terrorist threats and the need for cybersecurity in the Internet age. This committee will be an excellent experience for those seeking a more traditional or novice style of Model UN.

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