Liberty and Security in the Past

Peloponnesian Triple Joint War Committees

Athens – The Ekklesia


By 421 BC the Athenians could confidently assert that they held an empire. Built on democracy, liberty, and a powerful navy, Athens’ new power was undeniably vast; however, none of it would have been possible without the organizational guidance provided by the growing city-states’ main governing body: the Ekklesia. The Ekklesia allowed all men’s voices to be heard and all men’s influences to be felt. Now on the precipice of a new era in Athenian domination and faced with a growing number of enemies, the Ekklesia will determine the fate of the empire.



Sparta– The Gerousia


The Spartans: the fierce fighting people of Laconia – undisputed rulers of the Peloponnese. Their power, security, and discipline are centered on a drive to build a Greece secured from outside threats: a Greece under Spartan military command. However, after the expulsion of the Persians from Greece in 449 BC, Sparta’s oligarchic Gerousia struggled to achieve this goal, finding it difficult to maintain Spartan influence. Now in 421 BC, the Gerousia is witnessing the systematic targeting of Spartan influence throughout the Aegean. Moving forward, only the Gerousia will be able to determine if Sparta is overcome by outside forces or able to create the dream of a Spartan-led Greece.



Persia – The Satraps


In 421 BC, the Persian Empire is a giant to be reckoned with – stretching from Lydia in the West to Egypt in the South to near-India in the East. The Empire, however, is a giant with a black eye. Two rulers have failed to overwhelm the Greek states – both beaten back by Greek coalitions, losing huge armies in their attempts. With foes on all sides intent on doing harm, there are questions being raised concerning the Empire’s legitimacy and strength. Under these conditions, the Satraps, or the governors of the Persian provinces, find themselves looking to [re]-grow Persia’s strength while promoting their own self-interest – all under the watchful gaze of the Emperor. Their attention is specifically turned West where there lies a disconcerting Greek power struggle, honor to be regained, and spoils still ripe for the taking. The future of the Empire is in the Satraps’ hands.

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