Global Security and Corporate Liberties

The Organization of American States


The Organization of American States will be a General Assembly focused on reaching an order of peace and justice, while at the same time maintaining sovereignty within the American states. Delegates in this committee will work on securing democracy, promoting the cultures of indigenous people, as well as maintaining civil liberties and human rights across the Americas. Faced with cyber security breaches, terrorism, and rise of autocratic governments, delegates must fight to maintain peace within the OAS. Delegates in the OAS will repeatedly have to tackle issues that provoke the questions of whether liberty of peoples and states is more valuable than the security of the region.




The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)


The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization is an agency within the United Nations that specifically aims to promote international collaboration through education, science and culture in order to promote universal justice and human rights. UNESCO is a General Assembly that will discuss World Heritage sites, sustainability, gender equality, and the effects of industrialization. While UNESCO works to ensure the security and survival of cultures around the world, it also seeks to increase liberty and freedom of speech within oppressed communities. Delegates in UNESCO will repeatedly have to tackle problems that lead them to ask whether the liberty of peoples and states to make decisions on a range of issues is more valuable than the security of the world.




Coca-Cola Board of Directors


The Coca Cola Board of Directors is a committee that works with the domestic and international business aspects of running an American multinational beverage corporation and manufacturer. This board will focus on international competition, manufacturing, and consumer relations. Delegates will examine the effect the global market has on the domestic market, as well as the effect the prevalence of Coca Cola has on Latin American culture. Faced with possibly copyright infringements, as well as participation in Latin American politics, Coca-Cola encounters a constant threat to its company’s security. It is up to the Board of Directors to protect its company’s integrity.



Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide, Inc.


As the world's most popular theme park company by visitor count, leaders of Disney are faced with the daily task of applying the famed Disney brand to its theme park, resort, and entertainment destinations around the world. As the world climbs out of the global recession, spending on travel has picked up again, leading to a fantastic growth situation for this key business segment of the Walt Disney Company- operating income rose about 20% in 2014 for the Parks and Resorts division. 


Despite the positive financial outlook at the moment, numerous challenges face the leadership team of Disney Parks and Resorts, notably the increasingly competitive positioning of Universal Parks & Resorts, Disney's global competitor. Hazy legal climates surround the use of creative property and branded characters, particularly after Disney's recent acquisition of Marvel. Safety and security have become more and more pressing as foot traffic increases in parks and resorts worldwide, while the symbolic nature of Disney's brand already leaves it vulnerable on such a volatile world stage. As the leadership of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, it is your task to win over potential customers with the best possible product, and to do so on a global level.





The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)


The Economic and Social Council is one of the six main organs of the United Nations. A diverse body composed of policymakers, parliamentary leaders, NGO representatives, and business leaders, ECOSOC coordinates and advises on matters of international economic, social, and environmental importance. The council advises member states in matters such as sustainable development, with policy recommendations to promote a higher standard of living and protect human rights. In today's increasingly globalized world, economic issues in particular have become increasingly international, and ECOSOC will have to take on a larger role in solving such issues while balancing economic growth and individual liberty, as well as the security of sovereign states.


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