Developing Model United Nations and Global Leadership

The Eagle Global Leadership Initiative (E.G.L.I., for short) is the community outreach branch of EagleMUNC. In keeping with our mission of fostering a more globally conscious society, EGLI is a volunteer program that brings Model UN to high schools in the local area. Our volunteers partner with the faculty advisors and student leaders at participating high schools to help foster global awareness among the student body. We specifically tailor E.G.L.I.'s lesson plans to help our partner schools either develop a brand-new program or expand a pre-existing one. 

EGLI focuses on experiential education, which is one of the hallmarks of EagleMUNC. Instead of lecturing students on foreign affairs, EGLI strives to give our students a chance to learn about procedural skills, public speaking, international relations, and running a sustainable school organization firsthand, all of which are vital aspects of a well-rounded Model UN delegate's experience. A core tenet of EGLI is believing that it is far more valuable for a student to reach a conclusion themselves as opposed to telling them; this self-realization comes as a product of experience.

EGLI's ultimate goal is to establish Model UN programs designed to succeed for years to come and EGLI is fully committed to long-term partnerships with local schools if desired. In the course of a given year, EGLI programming will focus on three main pillars:

Model UN Simulations: Professionally-planned and staffed “mini-conferences” for students at our partner schools, including a a full day of programming and debate.
Model UN Training: Seminars and exercises designed to train students in the areas of public speaking, writing, and decision-making, with the intent of giving students the necessary skills to excel in Model UN, run their club effectively, and apply what they have learned to a broader range of interests. 
Geopolitical Education: Topic guides, presentations, and group discussions by EagleMUNC Staffers in the spirit of fostering geopolitical interest and awareness. 
We are looking to expand our footprint in the Boston area each year, and would love to hear from you! Please contact Andres Garcia at director.egli@eaglemunc.org for more information.



Andres Garcia, Director

Katie Stepsis and Thomas Duff, Educational Content Coordinator

Blake Bengier and Meredith Thompson, Finance Coordinator

Trevor McHugh, Logistics Coordinator 

Lauren Mushro, Senior Advisor


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