Committees of Change, Called for in Crisis

The Anasazi in Crisis:

The year is 1100 AD. Just as the first crusade was reaching its end, and 70 years before the foundation of Oxford University, the Anasazi Empire has reached the height of its power. Made up of five distinct cultures, and spanning 500,000 square miles of contiguous territory, the anasazi built a civilization whose cave cities, plateau forts, and extensive roads would last for centuries. But just as this culture begins to make its mark, disaster strikes. With foreign religions arriving from mesoamerica, decades of drought making agriculture nigh impossible, and Navajo raids becoming more common by the day, the foundations of the ancient Anasazi Empire are crumbling. This crisis committee will face the collapse of a civilization, and tell the story of a forgotten culture. Through innovative maps, immersive debates, and engaging crises, delegates on this committee will be given a chance to help the Anasazi stand the test of time.



The Papal Conclave of 1534:

With the death of Pope Clement VII, an already weakened Catholic Church faces a contentious election. With eleven cardinals declining to even attend the conclave, and every european power vying for influence, the decisions made here would shape europe for centuries to come. Delegates on this council will wrestle with papal policy towards the English Reformation, the aftermath of promises made by the now late Pope Clement VII, and the growing sentiment for a more open and populist church. Facing factionalization, resentment, and theological disagreements, delegates will have to negotiate their own plan for the Catholic Church, and in doing so, change history.


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