Focusing on Adaptation in the Face of Adversity:

The theme for this year's conference will task delegates with the concept of change during major turning points in modern and ancient history. In a variety of settings and time-periods, the committees challenge delegates to decide between seeking tradition, revolution, and evolution.

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* Application-based committees


Kal UnionAdversity Among Adapting Nations

The Kalmar Union, 1497: Triple Joint Crisis

The Kingdom of Denmark

The Kingdom of Norway

The Kingdom of Sweden



Ana E6Committees of Change, Called for in Crisis

The Anasazi in Crisis: 1100

The Papal Conclave of 1534




Sons of L E6The People Adapting to their Government

The Sons of Liberty

Chinese Land Reform: 1950

The 1930's Crime Syndicate




UNSC E6Overseeing Adaptive Policies

The International Skating Union

United Nations Security Council




VNAModern Calls for Change

The Venezuelan National Assembly









The International Court of Justice*

*Applications Will Open This Fall




Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General* 

*Applications Will Open This Fall

The Ad-hoc committee, in its third year at EagleMUNC, is a small, intensive committee that challenges the strongest delegates at the conference to respond quickly and efficiently to rapid and tough crises.  As part of the challenge, delegates are not made aware of the topic until a few days before EagleMUNC to keep them on their toes.  This year's Ad-Hoc will explore the depths of society and global interaction - check back closer to the conference for updates.


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