Application-based Committees


Applications will open this fall.

These committees are intended for creative, seasoned, and engaged delegates who wish to challenge themselves beyond the realm of a typical committee. Please note that The Ad-Hoc and ICJ Committees have a technological component and require access to a computer.


Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General

The Ad-hoc committee, in its third year at EagleMUNC, is a small, intensive committee that challenges the strongest delegates at the conference to respond quickly and efficiently to rapid and tough crises.  As part of the challenge, delegates are not made aware of the topic until a few days before EagleMUNC to keep them on their toes.  This year's Ad-Hoc will explore the depths of society and global interaction - check back closer to the conference for updates.


Lobby Corps

The International Court of Justice serves to settle disputes between member states and to serve as a judicial advisory council for select agencies. The ICJ is generally composed of 15 judges elected to 9 year terms, but they have, at times, introduced ad-hoc judges for special cases. Delegates of the ICJ can expect to indict states for international war crimes and to provide legal advice to UN member states and agencies.



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