40 Hour Simulation




A real world without a “committee schedule”

The 40-Hour simulation is a new type of Model UN experience that simulates a complete and dynamic immersion into the reality of a character or position. From gavel to gavel, the action never stops, as delegates must reckon with the real world dynamics of public politics, identity politics, back-room politics, and most importantly, crisis politics.

Delegates will receive top-secret briefing memos containing sensitive information pertinent to their position, including personal social media accounts, secret societies, conspiracies, privileged contacts, and ulterior motives. With this, they will, at any time, be subject to:

          -Political Party and Subcommittee Meetings

          -Emergency Flights to Major (or Clandestine) Political Summits

          -Family Conferences or Events

          -Press Conferences and Private Interviews

          -Fundraising Galas and Corporate Meetings

          -High-Society Parties and Politically-Charged Feasts

          -Crisis and War Room Councils

          -Lucrative Environmental, Economic, and PR Consulting Sessions

At EagleMUNC VI, simulations are as interactive as possible. At any moment, a delegate will be asked to remain in character and solve a problem, even outside of regularly-scheduled committees which normally constrict a delegate.  Instead, EagleMUNC strives to create a more realistic experience for the delegates. At EagleMUNC VI, delegates are able to constantly be in character and respond to crises in real time throughout the entire 40 hours of the conference.

With the use of technology tailored to maintain committees' historical accuracy, new media will be explored in creating diverse simulations. Newspaper articles and news broadcasts are classic simulations media, but EagleMUNC goes beyond these.  What were the main ways people received information during specific time periods? The 40-hour simulation seeks to provide this via innovative methods to update delegates. With unique simulations throughout the 40 hours of the conference, EagleMUNC truly immerses delegates in a Model UN experience unlike any other.

The 40-Hour simulation changes the way Model UN is conducted, taking the debate beyond the committee chamber and into the back rooms and sleepless nights of brewing Twitter scandals. Delegates will be faced with three levels of interaction, including the formal debate of committee, the informal life of the diplomatic social scene, and their personal internal struggle as they deal with the pressures of family members, blackmailing reporters, and/or interest groups all looking for their cut of the deal.

EagleMUNC asks delegates to consider the honest reality of power, publicity, and influence in an often-brutal society, challenging them to consider the ethics and ripple effects of each and every complex move. The system is designed to pack months of educational material into 40 hours of experiential learning. Our hope is that students emerge with an appreciation of the complex world they inherit and of the intricacies of knowledge, motivation, and consequence that lace what takes place in the political sphere


Specialized Committees

In addition, this year, we will be offering two committees with a technological component; due to their high demand, admission to either of these will each be by application. 

The International Court of Justice introduces delegates to the challenges and excitement of a court room. Each delegate has various skills and legal backgrounds, and they will use their knowledge to impact other committees.

The Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General is intended for the most advanced and creative delegates from each school. The committee topic will be kept secret until a week before the conference and EagleMUNC looks forward to delegates who will be able to perform well in this committee.

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